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Summer is here, which probably means you’re spending increasing amounts of time outside in the sunshine. Unfortunately, you’re probably encountering mosquitoes, too, as they often accompany these outings. Mosquitoes may seem unavoidable, and you might think that an infestation in your home or lawn is hard to control. However, they are easily treatable, especially if you use a quality exterminator.

If you plan to have mosquito treatment on your property, you can expect benefits like:

Comprehensive Inspection

After arriving at your property, the exterminator will assess your property to find where the mosquitoes are and where they might soon appear. They will also look for “hot spots,” or areas likely to attract mosquitoes.

These “hot spots” can include:

  • Wet locations
    • planters
    • birdbaths
    • puddles
    • swimming pools
    • garbage cans
    • pet water bowls
  • Overgrowth
    • Tall grass
    • Piles of leaves
    • Hollow trees

After analyzing your property, they will begin the treatment process and apply the first round of deterrent.


Your exterminator will spray a mosquito deterrent around your property, especially around the “hot spots” and additional areas where mosquitos are likely nesting. This spray acts as a barrier that kills current infestations and keeps new mosquitos out of your home and lawn. It is very effective and can decrease mosquito presence by up to 95%. It’s also safe for you, your family, and your pets, so don’t worry – it will only get rid of mosquitoes.

Monthly Treatments

Treatments are recommended on a monthly basis to keep mosquitos consistently away. An exterminator will come to your property every few weeks and re-spray the deterrent, making sure that there are low counts of mosquitoes coming back between treatments. This service is usually offered from spring until fall.

National Exterminating’s full-coverage treatment will leave your property pristine and mosquito-free, ready for you to enjoy all summer long.

At National Exterminating, we will assess your property and help you implement mosquito treatment. Call us: 478-922-1410

National Exterminating’s full-service pest control methods can keep mosquitoes out of your home and yard all year long. Call us today at 478-922-1410.

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