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Small blue tit sitting on a bird feeder looking out

Mosquitoes have a knack for ruining a perfect spring morning or summer evening! Their bites may not hurt, but the itching and buzzing can be unbearable. The best way to prevent a mosquito infestation in your backyard oasis is by implementing professional mosquito control methods! In addition to partnering with us for your mosquito control needs, you can implement these tips to ensure a mosquito-free property:

1. Install Bird Feeders

Did you know that mosquitoes are a big part of a bird’s diet? Attracting birds to your property is a great way to reduce the mosquito population, and you’ll be able to enjoy a handful of new flying friends as they munch on the birdseed (and mosquitoes).

2. Put a Tarp Over Water-Collecting Objects

After a rain shower, walk outside and take note of the items in your front lawn and backyard that have collected water. These items are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes, as female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water! Here are a few standard culprits to be mindful of:

  • Boat
  • Child swings & toys
  • Firewood stack
  • Grill
  • Kiddie pools

If tarping the items is unrealistic, flip it over before the rain shower or dump it out immediately after the storm to ensure water doesn’t collect in the bottom.

3. Remove Litter & Trash

Even small pieces of trash can collect water which is the perfect place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, as small debris often goes unnoticed. Regularly walk your property to pick up trash and litter to remove potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

4. Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters may be one those household elements that are “out of sight, out of mind.” However, if that’s the case, leaves and water may collect in the gutter. These damp leaves and small pools of water will be the perfect spot for a mosquito to lay eggs. Regularly clean out your gutter to avoid a mosquito infestation and help your gutters function as they should!

5. Call National Exterminating for Effective Mosquito Control

Our team is ready and willing to help you with your mosquito control needs! Our perfectly blended solution will create a barrier around your property that mosquitoes will repel mosquitoes. Don’t let another mosquito ruin the beautiful spring and summer seasons. Call us: 478-245-4072