National Exterminating is proud to use Sentricon installations to eliminate termites from homes and businesses in Middle Georgia. Contact us for a free termite control estimate!

How Sentricon Bait Systems Work

  1. A certified professional at National Exterminating installs Sentricon bait systems around your home.

    Bait stations are installed around your home, stuck into the ground with only the service cover visible and requiring a key to open. The Always Active technology allows the Recruit HD termite bait to begin working immediately.

  2. Termites ingest the bait and share with the rest of the colony.

    The active ingredient in the bait stations, noviflumuron, prevents termites from aging beyond the molting stage. A study showed termites prefer the Sentricon bait over wood ten times over.

  3. The termites die, even the queen.

    Preventing termites from molting doesn’t allow them to properly grow, resulting in death. Sentricon bait even overpowers the relentless queen of the termite colony.

  4. 24/7, you’re protected from future termite infestations.

    Offering a peace of mind, Sentricon installations can be routinely installed to offer complete and total future protection of your property.

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Key Benefits to Choosing Sentricon

Sentricon has:

  • Protected more than 3 million homes, being able to use on virtually any structure
  • Trained Certified Sentricon Specialists that receive ongoing training to remain the industry leader
  • The Presidential Green Chemistry Award by the EPA for technological advancements being made with the environment in mind