crosshairs targetting a termite to represent Termidor termite treatment services from National Exterminating in Warner Robins, GA and Macon, GA

National Exterminating offers Termidor termite treatment as an unparalleled termite treatment that is undetectable to a termite colony. Contact us to learn about how the Termidor treatment has been successfully implemented in over 4 million homes!

Termidor termite treatment uses a liquid termiticide that is undetectable to termites by taste, smell, and sight, making it an unavoidable ally in our combat against the entire colony. Mitigate health and financial risks of a termite colony infestation by utilizing the professionals at National Exterminating to apply your Termidor termite treatment.

How Termidor Works


Our certified professionals will apply the Termidor liquid treatment along the base of foundational walls and perimeter outside of your home. After application, the liquid is immediately effective.


The liquid seeps through and binds with the soil in the area, undetectable by termites so there’s no reason they should try to avoid the area.


Since the liquid is undetectable, termites ingest the treatment and unknowingly become carriers of the liquid treatment.


The liquid termiticide is spread from termite to termite by contact. Termites that come into contact with another termite that has either ingested or been in contact with one that has ingested the liquid will become carriers and subsequently die.

It’s recommended to have your termite professionals do a routine service check to ensure your Termidor treatment is remaining effective.

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