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What creature can be as small as 1/8” but causes roughly $5 billion in property damage each year in the United States? If you guessed a  termites, you’re right. These tiny pests silently munch on your home while growing their colony. Without effective termite treatment, termites can ruin walls and floors or even compromise the structure of your home! Allow us to explain how Termidor can kill these pests and protect your home:

The Science of Termidor

Over four million homes have been protected by Termidor, an effective termite treatment in liquid form. More than keeping your home’s structure intact, it can also protect your financial state, as most insurance companies do not cover termite damage! Discover the four phases of Termidor:

Your National Exterminating technician will strategically apply the Termidor liquid around the foundation and parameter of your home, creating a liquid barrier that the termites must enter in order to reach their food supply. The foundation of your home is a go-to source for termites because its environment is likely moist and unaffected by the intense Georgia heat.

After your technician applies the treatment, the liquid will penetrate the ground and bind to the soil. This is especially effective because it allows the treatment to stay in the ground instead of being washed away by rain or burned up by the sun. The termites will travel toward your home and approach the liquid.

As termites make their way through the soil, they will unknowingly ingest the treatment that is clinging onto the soil. Termidor is both tasteless, colorless, and has no scent, so the termites won’t know it’s there. They will ingest Termidor and subsequently become a carrier of the deadly treatment.

As the infected termites travel through tunnels underground, they will contact other termites and spread the treatment to their colony. Termidor kills the termites one by one until the entire colony is eliminated.

Partner with National Exterminating for your Termidor needs!

Termidor is one of two incredible termite treatments we offer. We also offer Sentricon, which is an effective bait system. Both options will protect your home from termites and give you peace of mind! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us: 478-922-1410