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Whether it was the deep sense of history that’s woven into the fabric of our community, the youthful spirit that exudes from the campus of Georgia College and State University, or the leisurely appeal of nearby Lake Sinclair that first drew you to settle down or set up shop in Milledgeville, Georgia, we know one thing that didn’t attract you: bugs.

For all their many charms, Baldwin County and the surrounding communities still have populations of the same roaches, mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, centipedes, spiders, and other pests, just like the rest of Middle Georgia. If you’re trying to eliminate an existing infestation or protect your home against a future problem, you can turn to a reliable, licensed pest control company for solutions to keep your home free from unwanted bugs and rodents

But before you sign on the dotted line, there are some questions you should ask to make sure your choice of pest control company is going to be able to provide you with the services and support you need.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Pest control is a widely variable service. Two nearly identical pests can respond differently to the same treatments for a thousand different reasons. A roach control plan that works for one home might not work for another.

When choosing a pest control company, choose one that’s been in business for a while. Their team will have the experience to know what will work in any situation, the products that are best for a given pest, and what steps to take to keep an infestation from coming back.

Are Your Team Members Licensed and Insured?

Choosing a pest control company involves a lot of trust. The company you select will be sending members of their team into your home, where they’ll spray pesticides and other products to get bugs out of your house. You want peace of mind that the people you’re inviting into your home are trustworthy experts who know how to solve your pest problems safely.

Before hiring an exterminator, make sure that they are licensed by the state and insured against any damages that might take place while they’re on your property. Their licensure will reassure you that the pest control professionals in your home have been properly trained to use the various chemicals and tools of the trade safely.

Do You Have Testimonials or Client Reviews I Can Check Out?

If the pest control company you’re considering has been in business for a while, it makes sense that they’ve already performed extermination services for other home or business owners in your area. The question is – do they want you to know how well they did with those previous clients?

Ask if they have testimonials or client reviews that you can take a look at. Many may have this information on their website; others should be able to provide it upon request. If they don’t have any testimonials or reviews to share, ask if they would be able to put you in touch with any existing clients. If they’re not willing to provide any information at all about their past successes, that should raise a red flag.

If they do provide reviews or testimonials, read them carefully. Pay attention to any comments or concerns that come up repeatedly, and be ready to ask follow-ups. For instance, if testimonials and reviews all indicate that the company does good work, but you notice that several people comment on employees showing up at their homes later than the scheduled arrival time, you may want to ask why there are so many comments and what the company has done to address this issue.

Do You Provide a Written Quote?

This advice isn’t just good advice for selecting an exterminator; it’s suitable for dealing with any service provider. There are still scam artists presenting themselves as legitimate exterminators out there, and their usual MO is to show up unsolicited at a home or business and say they want to give you a free home inspection. They’ll, of course, find some kind of infestation (whether it’s real or imaginary) and quote you an excellent price for eradicating the pests – but they won’t offer it in writing.

Of course, once the bill comes due, that great price will vanish, and you’ll be looking at a ridiculously high invoice.

If the pest control company you’re considering won’t provide you with a written quote for their services before you sign a service agreement, you should definitely keep looking.

Are Your Pest Control Treatments Safe for My Family and Pets?

While today’s pesticides are safer than ever, they’re still poisons. Researchers have developed hundreds of pesticides that effectively target biological processes that are unique to pests. Most of these are entirely harmless to humans and pets. There are, however, still a number of potent chemicals, used only in the event of the most severe infestations, that require additional safety measures.

Your exterminator can tell you what treatments they usually use and what you need to do to stay safe and healthy. Some treatments can be applied while you’re sitting in the room watching TV; others may require you to leave the house for an hour or two, while the most powerful chemicals may require you to get away for a few days.

We’ve Got the Answers to These and Lots of Other Questions – Let National Exterminating Handle Your Pest Control Needs. Call Us: 478-922-1410.

National Exterminating’s licensed pest control professionals are experts at ridding homes and businesses of pests in Milledgeville and across the rest of Middle Georgia. Call us today at 478-922-1410.

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