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As the leaves fall and the last touch of warm weather fades, you’ll also notice a change in pest presence. Some pests that thrive in hot and warm weather can’t withstand the cooler weather that winter brings, even in Middle Georgia.

Pests You Won’t See This Winter

Mosquitos can’t survive the cold spell that winter brings. However, if the adult mosquitoes have laid eggs before the cold weather arrives, those eggs may hatch once the weather warms again. Make sure you dump any standing water (kiddie pools, bird baths, tire swings), and take preventive measures once spring arrives to eliminate the return of mosquitoes.

Stinging insects such as yellow jackets and wasps are a nuisance (and health issue!) in the summer and spring. Fortunately, these pests either die off completely or huddle together in an attempt to survive the cold. If you do see active stinging insects in the wintertime, call us right away: 478-245-4072

Ants are not fans of winter, but you still may see them here and there. Most ants will bury themselves deep underground to wait out the cold spell. Make sure you keep implementing practices that will safeguard your home from an infestation – wipe your kitchen counters, empty dog bowls at night, seal cracks and openings, etc.

Pests You Will See this Winter

If winter eliminated every pest, maybe that would be more people’s favorite season. Pests you may see this winter – if you don’t have effective pest control services – include:

  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas
  • Moths
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders

Winter is a time to celebrate holidays, get together with family, and enjoy s’mores by the fire. It is NOT the time for a pest infestation. If you see pests in your home, contact us immediately.

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