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You might not be aware that insects have made a home in your attic until you access it to get a box or two. If you suspect pests are in your attic or would like to keep your attic pest-free, here are some helpful facts and tips regarding pest prevention.

Your Attic is Attractive to Pests

Many homeowners report pests in their attics, but why? What draws them into your space? There are several reasons pests find a home at the top of your home, including:

1. Safe Shelter

For the most part, the attic does not get a lot of foot traffic throughout the year. It’s most commonly a space for storage, not for family gatherings. Insects may consider your attic to be a shelter that’s safe from harsh or cold weather, predators, and other elements worth hiding from.

2. Plenty of Housing Materials

Attics are often full of cardboard boxes, old papers, and other similar materials. Insects are attracted to areas that have these material lying around, making your attic a perfect nesting ground.

3. Endless Hiding Spots

Insects can remain out of site thanks to all the storage boxes, large items, and knickknacks stored in the attic. Even when you enter your attic, you might not see them due to their great hiding skills. These creatures know how to hide, and your attic can serve as the perfect hiding spot for them.

Tips to Keeping Your Attic Pest-Free

To help ensure your attic remains pest free throughout the year, here are a few tips to follow:

1. Trim Branches Away From Your Roof

Insects need access to your home in order to get to the attic, and their easiest method is by way of the roof. Cut off branches that are either on or near your roof to remove the easy route.

2. Cap Your Chimney and Cover Outdoor Vents

Insects and pests will look for openings into your home. This can include any uncovered chimneys or vents. By capping or covering them, you’ll decrease the possibility of insects accessing the inside of your home.

3. Declutter Your Space and Utilize Plastic Storage Boxes

By staying organized and replacing cardboard boxes with sealable, plastic containers, you’re helping remove both hiding spots and paper items that attract insects to your attic.

4. Seal Up Holes and Cracks

Insects have a way of getting in through the tiniest of cracks. They can also squeeze through small openings to access your warm, safe attic. Keep these pests out by applying caulk or other sealants to any gaps in the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Do you have a pest infestation in your attic? Our skilled team of exterminators can clear your space, making your attic a pest-free zone. Call us today: 478-245-4072