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Category: Pest Control

Colder outdoor temperatures most likely lead to warmer temperatures inside your house. As you enjoy indoor heating throughout the winter season, you may notice an increased amount of indoor pests. Insects and spiders seek out warm locations during cold months and could find their way inside your home if you’re not careful.

To help keep your home pest-free throughout the winter, keep these four tips in mind:

1. Pest-Free Tip: Seal Exterior Holes, Cracks, and Entrances

Spiders and insects are highly skilled at discovering even the smallest opening to your home. Prevent any entrance by sealing up every crack or hole you can find. Examine your home’s foundation, exterior walls, roof, and crawl space to ensure there are no gaps present that could allow insects to enter.

Also, check where your pipes and vents enter your home. Improper installation or poor sealing methods could allow spiders and insects to enter your house at these entrance points.

Finally, examine your chimney to be sure it is properly vented and blocking insects from entering.

2. Pest-Free Tip: Vacuum, Especially Around Doors and Windows

Vacuum your home regularly to help catch and remove webs, egg sacs, and other pest-related items from your home. Windows sills and door bases are common areas where pests try to make a home. Keeping these areas well-vacuumed will disturb the pests’ efforts and discourage them from settling in.

3. Pest-Free Tip: Correct Excessive Moisture

Insects like ants, roaches, and centipedes thrive in moist environments. If your bathroom has a leak or your basement’s humidity level is high, work to correct such issues and maintain a drier home. This will prevent these pests from seeking your home for its moisture levels.

4. Pest-Free Tip: Protect Your Pantry

Food storage is crucial when it comes to keeping your home pest-free this winter. Pantry pests like beetles, ants, fruit flies, and moths seek out all sorts of food items like:

  • Chocolate
  • Flours
  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Sugary treats

Keeping all your foods well sealed and your pantry or shelves clean will drastically help prevent any infestations. If the fruits or vegetables you keep on your shelf start to overripen or rot, throw them out. Otherwise, you could face an infestation of fruit flies.

National Exterminating keeps houses pest-free every winter and all year long!

By combining these tips with the winning solutions at National Exterminating, you can say “Goodbye!” to pests at your home. Let us keep your house pest-free with our successful pest control methods. Call us today at 478-922-1410.