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Category: Pest Control

As winter comes to an end, insects like cockroaches, fruit flies, and ants will return to Middle Georgia. It’s essential to keep your home safe from these pests now so that you are not faced with swarms this spring. Here are five ways to stop an insect infestation before it begins and keep pests outside your home, where they belong.

1. Close off any Unwanted Entrances

Pests can enter your home in many ways, including holes and cracks in your walls, floor, or roof. Try to identify these and seal them off if possible. Look at your pipes, vents, and chimney to make sure pests cannot enter your home through them. Also, keep an eye on crawl spaces and other secluded areas that may attract pests.

2. Look in your Bathrooms and Sinks

Many pests, including cockroaches and ants, are attracted to wet areas. Clean up any still water or puddles in your home, and try to keep your spaces dry. Check the plumbing in your kitchen and bathroom to ensure you have no leaks or appliance issues.

3. Check your Pantry and Fridge

Like humans, pests get hungry and especially love sweet and sugary items like chocolate and fruits. Keeping your food items sealed and your pantry clean is essential to prevent pests. Make sure to clean up after yourself when cooking and store all food waste in the trash.

4. Clean Up your Space

Pests can quickly turn a messy area into their new home. Clear up some of the clutter in your home, especially cardboard, newspapers, and boxes. Vacuum frequently, especially near corners, doors, or closed-off spaces. Keep all your surfaces well-cleaned, and be on the lookout for insects.

5. Take Care of your Pets

As lovable as your pets are, Fido might bring some pests into your home. Ants and other bugs can hitch a ride on your pet’s fur and paws, and dog and cat feces can attract pests. Make sure to tidy up after your pet and keep them clean. Leaving your pet’s food or water out overnight can attract bugs, so make sure to put them away before heading to bed.

A pest might still find its way into your home even if you follow these tips. If that happens, call National Exterminating. We keep houses pest-free all year long!

National Exterminating can keep your house pest-free with our successful pest control methods. Call us today at 478-922-1410.