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Spider extermination
It’s important to correctly identify spiders in your home, as some are venomous, and others are not. Allow us to highlight five common spiders in Georgia that you may find hiding in your home. (But don’t worry; our premier pest control services can eliminate these eight-legged creatures!)

1. Common Spiders in Georgia: Granddaddy Longlegs

Granddaddy longlegs fit their name perfectly – long legs and a small body. However, this common spider in Georgia isn’t a spider at all! It’s actually in the arachnid group called harvestmen. They are found in homes, normally in ceiling corners. You won’t see a web near their hideout, as they catch their prey with their long legs. They do not bite humans.

2. Common Spiders in Georgia: Crevice Spider

Crevice spiders are often mistaken for brown recluse spiders, as their coloring and body type is very similar. However, they do not have the violin marking on their backs like brown recluse spiders. If you guessed that a crevice spider is most often found in the crevices of your home, you guessed right. Whether they’re hanging in ceiling corners or in a window frame, their presence will still send a shiver down your spine. They are not harmless, and will often eat insects like cockroaches, ants, and flies.

3. Common Spiders in Georgia: House Spider

House spiders range in color – from yellow to brown – and have a noticeably long abdomen. If you see a spider in your ceiling corner or under furniture and it fits this description, it’s likely a house spider. As long as it has insects to eat and the humidity is kept at a preferred state, they’ll stay in your home. While they are a nuisance, they are harmless to humans.

4. Common Spiders in Georgia: Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spiders boast a light or dark brown exterior with a prominent violin shape on their back. Like black widow spiders, they prefer woodpiles and shaded areas outdoors. However, if they are found inside, it’s normally in dark areas like closets, attics, and garages. A bite from a brown recluse spider warrants medical attention, as it can cause an open sore, fever, restlessness, and other symptoms.

5. Common Spiders in Georgia: Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders have a shiny, black exterior with a distinct red, hourglass marking on their back. Normally, black widow spiders are found outside near firewood, empty boxes, or inside shoes. Given the nature of these items, it’s understandable that black widows will find their way indoors simply by being a passenger on these outdoor to indoor items. Males will not bite humans, but a female will bite if she feels her eggs are threatened.

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