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termitesTermites are tiny creatures that create BIG homeowner problems. They spend their days and nights eating their favorite food – wood – which is likely what your home consists of. By the time you see evidence of their presence, you can bet damage has already occurred. Consider these four facts about termites and how you can fortify your home from these pests:

Termites Prefer Sentricon Bait Over Wood

A recent study found that these wood-loving creatures will choose Sentricon bait over wood when given the opportunity. The worker termites will eat the bait and share it with the rest of the colony, including the queen. The bait prevents the termites’ ability to molt, which is an essential task for survival. With thousands of termites in each colony and multiple Sentricon bait systems surrounding your home, it won’t be long before the entire colony has been eliminated.

Liquid Termite Defense is Extremely Effective

Termites cannot detect Termidor, a very effective liquid defense treatment. The pests unknowingly contact the insecticide, spread the liquid, which ultimately kills them and the other termites it contacted. While Sentricon and Termidor have two different approaches to eliminating termites, both are very successful when applied accurately. The team at National Exterminators has a plethora of experience with both types of treatment and would be happy to answer your questions and guide you toward a solution to protect your home.

Termites Have Specific Roles within the Colony

Every termite has a specific role within the colony – worker, soldier, reproductive team, and queen. Worker termites collect and chew food, store food for the colony, feed the soldiers, and care for the nymphs. Soldier termites defend the colony against predators such as ants or other termite colonies. The queen termite is responsible for laying eggs, and she does that very efficiently. Queen termites can lay thousands of eggs every day and live up to 45 years!

Termites Leave Evidence of Infestation

Although these creatures are difficult to see because they normally create underground colonies, they leave behind evidence of infestation. If you notice any of the following signs, call National Exterminators right away:

  • Clicking sound within walls
  • Distorted doors
  • Earthen mud tubes
  • Minuscule holes in wood
  • Stiff windows
  • Termite excreta
  • Termite swarms
  • Wood dust near miniscule holes

National Exterminators Can Eliminate the Termite Colony

Do you know if your termite system is effective? Have you spotted signs of termites? Our team would be happy to come by and see your property to determine if the termites are being controlled and eliminated. Fortunately, termite damage can be avoided if you partner with an experienced company like National Exterminators. Give us a call today: 478-922-1410