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small red ants on a spoon with sugar, pest problems indoors

Ants are one of the most common pests that invade homes in Georgia. Although tiny, they can create a huge headache and contaminate food. In addition to letting our team prevent an ant infestation from occurring altogether, here are four simple tips to stop an ant infestation:

1. Ant Infestation Tip: Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Your Dishes!

If you can’t rinse and load your dishes into the dishwasher right away, we highly recommend disposing the food into the trash can and rinsing the dishes in the sink. Kitchens are already a go-to spot for ants due to the many spots that food may be found (i.e., floor, pantry, sink, stove). Don’t give ants easy access to food – right in your sink!

2. Ant Infestation Tip: Seal Entry Points

Ants are tiny and strong, but they can’t walk through walls. If ants have made it into your home, it’s due to an opening somewhere in your home. Fortunately, a homeowner can find the entry points by following the ants, as ants tend to carry food back and forth from the source to their colony. Once you find the breach, seal it up so more ants cannot enter.

3. Ant Infestation Tip: Put a Lid on It

It’s easy to roll down a bag of chips and shove it in the pantry again – “out of sight, out of mind.” However, ants have a keen sense of smell and up to five times more odor receptors compared to other insects, according to a Vanderbilt study. If ants are in your home, they will likely be able to smell the food that has unrolled or doesn’t have a lid on it. Make sure you use bag clips or put lids on containers to keep the smell trapped.

4. Ant Infestation Tip: Eliminate Ant Colonies

Ants are rarely found alone. They are social creatures that live in colonies with upwards of thousands of ants. If you spot ants in your home, it’s likely that their colony isn’t far away. Walk around your property and take note of the ant colonies that have formed. They must be removed and eliminated to help keep ants out of your home.

National Exterminating can prevent an ant infestation from occurring!

Preventing an ant infestation is much less time consuming and costly than reacting to one. Our team of professionals would be happy to implement our pest control methods to stop ants from infesting your home. Call us today: 478-245-4072