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Get rid of spiders

Creepy, crawly spiders should not take up residence in your home! Fortunately, there are tips you can implement to drastically reduce or eliminate spiders altogether. Allow us to highlight four ways you can get rid of spiders in the house:

1. Eliminate Their Hiding Places

Clutter that goes untouched for weeks, months, or years is a spider’s favorite hiding spot. Think about the places in your home that are the most cluttered. Is it your attic, garage, or that spare bedroom that’s been on your cleaning to-do list for years? When you remove unnecessary clutter from rooms or transfer stored goods into plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, you are drastically reducing available hiding places for spiders.

2. Wipe Your Kitchen Counters & Sweep Your Floors

Ants and other small insects munch on crumbs and sticky-sweet food that is left on the counters and the floors. Once they arrive to eat them, you can be sure that spiders are not far behind. Although spiders don’t eat food crumbs, they do eat small insects! Do you have any of the following common Georgia spiders?

  • Granddaddy Longlegs
  • Crevice Spider
  • House Spider
  • Brown Recluse Spider
  • Black Widow Spider

If you have spiders in the house, it’s safe to assume you have an insect problem, too.

3. Remove Spider Webs Promptly

Some species of spiders will keep their egg sac in the spider web until the sac hatches. When you notice a spider web, remove it promptly to avoid a new generation of spiders being released into your home. You can do this by using a broom or a vacuum with the hose attachment.

Let National Exterminating Spray Premier Pest Control at Your Home

You may be tempted to DIY your own pest control, but it can quickly be pushed to the bottom of your important to-do list and forgotten. Beyond expert technicians and effective treatment, your pest control must be done regularly for optimal results. Our team will be glad to use our premier pest control to get rid of spiders in the house.

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